Flow chart লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান
Flow chart লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান

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Garments manufacturing flow chart

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Though every single garment manufacturing has there own style to produce garments and maintain there stuff or worker but Garments manufacturing includes a fixed number of process to complete the garments process from order to shipment or send to consumer. Those processes are described step by step in flow chart. So a flow chart helps us to know before any process after another process and how to generate a raw material in to a desire product called garments.

Three general step for garments production according to garments sector in our country.

√ Pre-Production (Sampling of Garments, Scouring Of raw material, Approval, Production planning meeting)
√ Production Processes (Measurement of raw martial, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing)
√ Post-Production (Final Checking, Pressing/Calendaring, folding, packing/packaging, Supply to the market/shipment)

Order Placement

Sampling/Set sample size

Production planning approval

Production planning meeting




Checking Garments



Checking Garments


Shipment Audit

Shipment Dispatch